Two WikiData items pointing to one MusicBrainz item

I’ve found a case of two WikiData items pointing to one MusicBrainz item so I would like to report it, to maybe discuss about how to best handle such cases:

Ashra -
Ash Ra Tempel -
Ashra -

Both sites are editable.
Fix it.

If you did a little research, you’d see that MB has an entry for Ash Ra Tempel in addition to Asha.
Merge what needs merged. Correct what needs corrected.

Or is there more to it?


I don’t know, I’m curious to see relevant comments on this topic.
And I’ll try to fix the things you said I should fix.

I think it makes sense to basically leave it like that.
Since the two entities don’t seem to be different projects, but the same band that simply changed their name at one point, according to the MB guidelines they should be one entity.
I don’t know the Wikidata or Wikipedia guidelines for such cases, but I wouldn’t dare to merge the English, Romanian & Russian Wikipedia articles, which would be necessary to merge the WD items.

Almost everything that needs to be done has already been done. “Ash Ra Temple” is mentioned in the disambiguation and set as an alias with defined start- and endpoint.
The group’s start point is set to 1970, which is when they started as Ash Ra Temple.
All that’s left to do in my eyes is make sure the MB entity shows the WP paragraph of Ash Ra and not Ash Ra Temple. So I’d remove the two Wikipedia links and add the Ash Ra Wikidata link instead.
Some might add both WD links, but then there is a 50% chance that the wrong WP link is displayed again (Or does it even go by the WD item number? then it’s 100%).