Two Steps from Hell DVD edition ("Tracks on medium organized into folders: How to name?")

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Greetings to all. This is my first question here, so plz dont hit me too painfully. :slight_smile:

I have got some rare edition of Two Steps from Hell discography/library. PDF booklet from there contains such lines:

Now, for the very first time, the Two Steps from Hell sound has been
made available for use beyond the Hollywood studios. Contained on
these 3 DVDs is the entire catalogue as 48K WAV files. For instant
gratification, a sampler CD is also included.
On the DVDs you will find the music organised into the following folders:
Action, Adventure, Drama, Epic Drama, Ethereal, Neo Classical,
Horror, Horror Tool Box, Rock Thriller, Suspense Thriller, Drums
and Trailer Toolbox.

  1. Every folder above has in its name a production music label like XTS00X, so Action is XTS001, Adventure is XTS002 , etc. So should it be the single (DVD) release that contains all this labels or i should split it on separate releases per labels?

  2. Also every such folder separated on 2 other folders: “Full Length” and “Alternative”, which contains respectively usual and alternate (no choir, etc.) versions. While adding new release how should i treat all this? Should this 2 folders be two different mediums?

  3. (probably) All recordings from this release are in ASCAP database, but they differ a bit, so for example recording “Black Winged Messenger” exists in two copies, where one with alternative title “XTS001” i suppose definitely belongs to this release, while other probably belongs to CD/public release. In this case can they be treated as one recording in MB terms?

  1. I am confused about composer authorship. As u can see in the link above even the same (probably) recording is credited differently in the terms of writers/composers and though i didnt verify it yet, but suppose that all recordings under “label edition” as alternative title will always have both composers meaning that they worked together as studio. And this confuses me also because we have this wiki, which has exact composer info for the most of recordings

I’ll just pick the lowest hanging fruit.

  1. As it all comes in a single physical package it is one release.

That’s my take on it as well, but the question then becomes how to deal with the folder structure. If it weren’t for the fact that there are three separate DVDs, I’d say make each folder in 2. into a separate medium with (medium) titles like “XTS001: Full Length” or even “XTS001 (Action): Full Length”, but that doesn’t capture the physical layout. Any input?

As for 3., I’d guess that if the full length version is the same length as the album version and everything in the alternatives is just the tracks split out, the ASCAP entries refer to the same MB recording – it’s by no means the first time rights databases have duplicate entries – but if the full length version is longer or there’s another (differently-mixed) version in the alternatives, then they are separate recordings. Though I guess that’s probably just restating the obvious. And, sorry, but it’s too late for me to do the research to get enough of a picture to answer 4.

If we had tracksets
then the Folders could be expressed as names of tracksets.

Freso , in a discussion on available approaches to tracksets at
"An option could also be to prepend e.g. track 1-7 with "Part 1: Medieval church music: " (or just "Medieval church music: "), track 8-9 with "Part 2: Medieval instrumental music: "(/"Medieval instrumental music: “), etc. I’ve seen this done elsewhere for similar track lists.”

Track 1 XTS001 (Action): Full Length: Into the fire
Track 2 XTS001 (Action): Full Length: Jump through the window
Track 3 XTS002 (Adventure): Full Length: Snake’s embrace


Can’t advocate for something I’d be stripping from the titles if it were in my own library, but that is definitely a way to do it – and given the schema, I’ll admit it’s not too bad a way of getting things to work.

You’ve done a good job of describing the release.
And I think MB needs to have a way to enter releases which have tracks organised into folders.

Which is to say that I think getting this topic more publicity would be good.

You OK with changing the thread’s title to
"Tracks on medium organised into folders: How to name?"
It isn’t as exciting as the current title but it might get the thread some more attention.

Thanks for the feedback. I hoped to get some answers, but it seems (as shown mb chat) that i somehow contrive to ask the questions not covered by MB guides and even experienced editors cannot answer them. Well, at least may be this will create some “wave of discussion” and together we could find an answer.

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I’ve just realised that if I’m to add the S.E. Asian pirate “complete discography on a single CD” that I bought (and now treasure as historical artifacts of physical medium music piracy) then I’m facing a situation like yours - tracks in folders.

Track 1 On the Beach: Zuma

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I’m having a similar problem with the Civilization IV soundtrack. The one that comes with the game is divided into folders.