Two steps from hell credits (extrememusic vs ascap)


I have a plans to clear a bit a mess in “Two steps from Hell” releases as i did (i hope it was ok) with audiomachine.

I am having some troubles and hope someone can clarify for me.
For example this release:

  1. First of all here i see a lot of acousticid conflicts - how to solve them? I noticed that often tracks with alternatives (no choir, no orchestra, etc.) often use the same acousticID - is that ok or some incorrect data upload?

  2. While working on credits (composers info) i have a selection between 2 sources of info to follow: ASCAP and Logically 2nd one should derive info from the 1st one, but the problem is that they conflict between themselves. For example:

track “From the Abyss”

extrememusic shows it as ISWC T9021694995 and credits to both composers

while in ASCAP we can see 3 versions, where 2 credited only to one composer, and since in release we have “full version” and “orchestral version” its logical to select “From the Abyss” (ISWC: T0728757069) and “From the Abyss Orc” (ISWC: T0728757081) - iswc numbers are also close to each to other, so again its logical to presum they are from the same release.

Also supplies GEMA ids for tracks and for example we also can see that “From the Abyss” (10696389) is credited to both composers while " AETN FROM THE ABYSS" (12160436) only for one.
Also who can explain what AETN means? I sometimes meet this abbreviation, i suppose it stands for A&E Television Networks, LLC, but dont know what is really mean regarding music and credits.

I know you would say probably that ASCAP and other PROs are not about exact composer credits - just money sharing, but for such types of music (trailer, production, epic, etc.) in most cases no such sources of info as booklets and cover art, so this PROs are mainly the primary sources info, but as in current case i dont understand why ASCAP and the site which links to it give conflicting info.

I already stumbled over this in another thread, but did not want to disturb the discussion. But what is a PRO? Maybe we should add this to the acronyms list?

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Performing Rights Organizations (aka PROs)

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