Two songs presented as one?

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Nektar played their songs Crying In The Dark and King Of Twilight always as one continuous piece. Sometimes indexed as two different tracks, sometimes as Crying / King. And sometimes, as on the release aboven, as just King Of Twilight.

How do I enter this correctly?

The release says just “King Of Twilight”, so I guess it’s a unique recording.
Do I just link it to two works? Marked as medley, continuous, or something?


(When I’ve finished editing the Nektar entires, I think I will have seen most of the variations that are possible with works/recordings/releases! :laughing:)

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There should definitely be two works; if you look up the titles at you can see they are registered separately, with unique ISWCs and BMI work IDs.

Do you know for sure that the release in question includes Crying in the Dark? Even if they performed it that way, it could have been edited for release.

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Oh, I’ve already added them as two works, I got that part right. :slight_smile:

Yes, this recording contains both tracks, I am certain. I have several of the releases, been listening to this since the early 1980s.


In that case, it might be best to create a third work “Crying in the Dark / King of Twilight” where the work itself is a medley of the two individual titles. Then the various recordings would just be recordings of this medley work.

The other option is that each recording is linked directly to both the constituent works, which is how you’d usually link a one-off medley.


@jerry1970, here is a Bowie illustration of both possible cases:

Work 1984/Dodo (I like to emphasise the lack of spaces, here) is an assemblage of 1984 and Dodo with slight lyrics change.

Works Sweet Thing / Candidate / Sweet Thing (reprise) are often played in this sequence but medley recordings are linked to three works (in appropriate order).

I think for 1984/Dodo, it’s because of the slight lyrics change that I created a new work for it.

There is a discussion about concurrent concepts of medley works on one hand and recording-work medley relationships on the other hand: