Two names for the same artist?!

Hi there.
I own the CD from ASHRA called “New Age of Earth” but it seems that here on MusicBrainz it is registered under “Ash Ra Temple” -->

This is the one I own:

Should I add the artist named “Ashra” or how should it be done with this CD/release?

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Quoting wiki here “New Age of Earth is a solo album by Manuel Göttsching. While originally released under Göttsching’s name and Ash Ra Tempel in 1976, the releases that followed in 1977 and onward were under the name Ashra.”

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Yes, I’ve read that as well. So, is the artist “Ashra” or “Ash Ra Temple” therefore?

Some conflicting information in Wikipedia about this. As you mentioned, the page for the album says it was a solo album originlly, and later under “Ashra.” But on the wiki page for Manuel Göttsching, it says the album was originally released under the artist name “Ashra,” and re-released under Göttsching’s name in 2008.

Göttsching’s website lists it as released under “Ashra.” I’d probably call that the best evidence.

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Since these are physical releases all that matters is what is printed on the packaging. If that is what is printed, we can have different credits on different editions.

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Wikipedia editors often mix up / confuse different editions. If you’re lucky they will link to a useful source for release info but in my experience this is rarely done. I wouldn’t trust it for this info.

Then again, the Biography page on Göttsching’s website says it was initially a solo album, but the first worldwide release was under “Ashra.” :man_shrugging:

Unless I am misunderstanding “Ashra” and “Ash Ra Tempel” refer to the same group, so if “Ashra” is printed on the release it should be linked to the Ash Ra Tempel artist, with “Ashra” written in the “credited as” field.


Well, actually Wikipedia says following:

Ashra is a musical ensemble founded by Manuel Göttsching in 1976, initially to facilitate his solo career although other members were included later on. The band’s name is an abbreviation of the name of Gottsching’s previous band, Ash Ra Tempel. The name was changed as Gottsching’s music became less psychedelic and more oriented towards electronica.

Therefore I think it’s a different band, even if finally it has the same member(s)…

The CD release under the Ashra name definitely belongs in the same Release Group as the other releases. There is already one CD release in that group that is credited to Ashra and has a cover similar to your discogs link. If that release doesn’t match yours in all aspects, you should add a new release that does.

My inclination is to say that if an artist releases an album under one name, then later rereleases it under another, the two names should be treated as one artist, so I personally would not create a separate artist entry for Ashra.