Two artist share page on Spotify/deezer but not itunes.. Where do the links go?

This Spotify artist page is for two artists ( 埼玉最終兵器&Aether): 埼玉最終兵器&Aether | Spotify

On iTunes the same releases are tied to two artist pages: ‎埼玉最終兵器&Aetherの「Cause Havoc - EP」をApple Musicで

My understanding is that they don’t need a special two person artist page cause of the iTunes thing, the spotify is clearly incorrect. Right?

But my real question: Can I just link these incorrect spotify/deezer artist pages on both there profiles and add a special name to the relationship so it shows up next to the link? Or will this mess up the a‐tisket processes, it probably will but maybe that’s worth it?

I just want the music from these people to be easier to find, I myself didn’t know this spotify page existed before today.


I see you entered some edits for the Spotify relationship, it looked like a good solution to me


Yeah, seems like this is best. It does mess up a-tisket though by adding one artist with the double name so you gotta be careful.