TURBONEGER: call to vote for a specific edit

call to arms for a specific edit:
I want as many people to argue, vote and see this edit so that we can generally make sure that said edit is decided once and for all.

general edit note summary:
Hello everybody. This Norwegian artist is known as “Turbonegro” outside of Norway, and many of the releases will have that name. Some also have “TRBNGR” or other variants, with artist credits this is no problem.
Perhaps even most of the releases of this artist will have different constellations of “Turbonegr_o_” as the name on the release?
But I’m making this edit because I deeply believe that does not matter for the ‘‘artist name’’

In Norway, where this group comes from, they are, uniformly, Known as “Turboneger”, the newspaper calls them “Turboneger”, people call them “Turboneger”, originally (before worldwide fame) they were only known as “Turboneger”. Now it might be that the facto name is kinda “Turbonegro” since a lot of the merchandise and similar is aimed outside Norway to the extent that even some advertisement in norway is “Turbonegro” instead. Still, whenever Norwegian Newspaper mentions them, it’s as “Turboneger”. I do believe serious Newspaper (as this was) will actually use the real name.

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Do they have a Norwegian website? I couldn’t find one. Their English website uses Turbonegro of course. I would be inclined to use the local name, so Turboneger.

then please vote on the edit! I want as big a consensus as possible :​D

Hi folks – lots of good discussion on the TURBONEGER edit. How do folk feel about this one:


On the face, it’s similar as it’s a change to the artist’s name in their native language. However, I don’t see any actual releases that use the Aramaic form of his name.