Trying to determine a release date (classical)

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I’m trying to determine the release date of
The current one is from Discogs (without any comment from the editor).
I found out that the disc received the Diapason d’or (an award from a French magazine) in december 1997 (according to
Now I’m wondering if they might have access to it before the official release, or if it was just released in 1997.
If anyone has experience with this sort of things, some help would be very appreciated.


Seems it was released in 1997. For example these sites list 1997 as a release year: has been selling it since October 1997:


Thanks. Is amazon reliable for this period ?


If Amazon says 1997 and every other site also says 1997, I think there’s enough supporting evidence to say that it was released in 1997, regardless of how spotty Amazon can be. :slight_smile:


I think 21/10/1997 is a special date in Amazon, many releases have this very exact release date. :slight_smile: