Tributes to a label

You can add a relation between a release group and an artist for tributes to an artist. But is there a way to handle tributes to a label like is a tribute to

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Not to my knowledge.
You can always make a STYLE ticket over at JIRA in order to get the relationship added.

I found this release group. It’s not obvious to anyone without the background knowledge, but according to this article it’s a tribute to a label. Since there’s already a discussion but no issue I went ahead and created one.


I added a relationship but I can’t read your article, so you can add the appropriate tribute link yourself :slight_smile:


That’s quick, thanks! The relevant part translated in case you were interested:

The label MNW turns forty-four and celebrates with a tribute album, a number of today’s artists interpret something from the company’s catalog.

Unfortunately, it only received a 1 on a 0-5 scale :slight_smile: