Translator appreciation thread

Community members helping to translate the various MetaBrainz projects have been working mostly hidden in the past. Now with the new Weblate translation system we have the ability to put translation more into focus and make it a common part of this community and discussions in the forums.

I want to use this thread to appreciate the work of translators. Their work is just as important as database editing or development.

Let’s start with @Vac31 who in the last weeks worked on the Lithuanian translations, primarily for Picard. While pushing forward the translations of the app itself he also translated the Picard website fully.

Thanks a lot @Vac31 , much appreciated. I have just prepared enabling Lithuanian in the language selector on the website. It will be available the next time we deploy the website.


And for those that might be interested in helping out with the translations, the list of projects can be found at MetaBrainz Weblate. As @outsidecontext mentioned, any and all help is greatly appreciated.

In particular, I would appreciate it if someone could review the French translations for the Picard Documentation because I did most of the translations using DeepL and my knowledge of French is limited to what I learned in school 50 years ago. I’m sure that there are a lot of things that could be cleaned up. Thanks.


Thanks to @salo.rock for commenting the source strings and keeping the Italian translation at the top level of completion in the MusicBrainz project.


Many thanks to @mfmeulenbelt who provided 100% translation for Picard and the Picard website with a lot of fine tuning and care for the details.