Translation questions about the URL cleanup

I came across two strings I can’t quite place. They have to do with error messages in the URL cleanup, but I can’t figure out the exact context:

Some relationship types are missing for this URL.

As far as I know, a URL-relationship can only have one type. Leaving the relationship open doesn’t produce this message. So what is supposed to go wrong here?

This relationship type combination is invalid.

Does this mean that an editor entered a URL that doesn’t fit with the chosen relationship type? The new URL editor makes that almost impossible (at least impossible for me, so it does a good job :slight_smile: ).

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Maybe tell us the entity and the URL you want to attach?

You misunderstood. I’m not trying to make an edit, I need this info for the translation.

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i’m curious as to where the messages appear in the UI, they sound like messages for allowing multiple relationships on a single URL

It appears in the section “External links” when editing an entity.

For example, Jamendo offers both download and streaming. It used to have “download for free” relationship type auto-selected only. Now it has both “download for free” and “free streaming”. If you enter a new Jamendo URL, it’s fine, both are auto-selected. But if you edit a “download for free” relationship to pre-existing Jamendo URL, this error message will show up.

This message is way too vague, that is why it is planned to be replaced with more accurate explanations; See MBS-11899.

For example, it could show up to make impossible to use both “purchase for mail-order” and “purchase for download” to link a release to the same Amazon URL. But Amazon has its own relationship type for now.