Tracks missing

This release has a challenge that I don’t know how to tackle yet:

It actually has 8 tracks, as the back cover and my player show. The first four tracks should be:

  1. Super Nova: Arrival of the Traveller (4:06)
  2. Super Nova: Blood Red Sun (6:36)
  3. Super Nova: Say Goodbye To Love (3:26)
  4. Super Nova: Prepare To Meet Thy Maker (7:29)

but the original editor had chosen to enter only a single track

  1. Super Nova (21:40)

How would I best go about correcting/splitting the track?

I’ve run into additional complications because the release above is locked by a DiscID. So I’ve submitted a duplicate release for the moment:

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I’m curious as to how different numbers of tracks can be coming from a Release with a Disc ID and TOC.

Can a single Release medium have very different TOCs?
8 tracks and 5 tracks?

Reissues can sometimes split out parts of a single track into multiple tracks. There are two 5 track versions and your 8 track version, all with discids. Track#1 of the 5 track versions is 21:40, the total time of the first 4 tracks of the 8 track version is 21:37. It appears that you entered your 8 track version correctly. This is normal.


Was import from freedb in 2005 in edit #3380207, so clearly no the 2006 reissue. Release date added in 2011 in edit #14428121 by another editor.

The disc ID added in 2008 (edit #9033826) is shared with this 1995 box set:

It can also be another earlier CD version like this one:

The release RCD 1003 you’re showing is unknown to me.
But the 5-track release could well be a CD from the boxset or that one.