Tracking down an old ripped album using only manually-entered data and a FreeDB disc ID

I’m embroiled in a quest to tag the last few stragglers in my music collection. One of the holdouts is an MP3-encoded rip of a nine-track audio CD that I bought from a Japanese jazz band in 2008. If memory serves, the CD appeared to be self-published (it might’ve even been a CD-R disc), but I ditched all of my plastic several moves ago so it’s impossible for me to refer back to the original material.

I haven’t been able to find any likely matches in MusicBrainz when I search for various combinations of the artist (“Take Band”), release (“Naturally”), or track names (most or all of which are jazz standards, making searches harder). I haven’t found any AcoustID fingerprint matches, either. However, I noticed that I submitted the disc info (which I dutifully transcribed from the CD) to FreeDB back when I ripped it: Take Band / Naturally

My understanding from pages like Disc ID Calculation - MusicBrainz is that MB uses a different calculation than CDDB/FreeDB/GnuDB to compute disc IDs. Is there any way to search for releases using a 32-bit CDDB1 ID (780e4409 in this case)?

I somehow managed to dig up an old file that was generated by the ripping software that I used (Grip 3.3.1) with the hope that it would have enough information for me to manually compute an MB-style Disc ID, but it looks like it omits the lead-out track’s offset, which I think I’d need:

# xmcd CD database file generated by Grip 3.3.1
# Track frame offsets:
#       150
#       33837
#       67238
#       94882
#       121819
#       153628
#       185302
#       215022
#       243063
# Disc length: 3654 seconds

I noticed that GnuDB’s “misc” category has a 2009 release by a Japanese jazz trio with the same track count, total length, and disc ID: Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio / What a Wonderful Trio! [DXD]. The track titles and lengths are completely different, though, so I think it’s just a coincidence.

If I’m not able to dig up an existing entry for this release, should I create a new artist and release? I feel uneasy about adding new entities when I don’t have any physical or online evidence that I can point to in my edit notes beyond the data that I submitted to FreeDB back when I possessed the CD.

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What about this one?

Take Band / Naturally from Search for Artists and Albums on an alternativ place for the free CD database.

I have a script that imports releases from GnuDb: konami-command/mb_GNUDB-IMPORTER.user.js at master · jesus2099/konami-command · GitHub


Yes, you can search by FreeDB disc ID in the advanced search form. For this specific disc ID it is

So also just the bad match you already found, seems to be a collision with two different discs ending up with the same ID :frowning:

The nice thing about the data collected by MB for the MB disc IDs is that it allows also calculating the FreeDB IDs, so one can do a lookup by both the MB disc ID and the FreeDB one.


That’s the information that I submitted to FreeDB back when I ripped the CD. :slight_smile: Thanks for the pointer to the script, though – that’ll come in handy if I end up creating a new release!


I’m resurrecting this old thread to announce apparent success!

Google is still useless, but on a whim, I tried doing a Bing search for "take band" japan. The first result is a video entitled “Take*Band pt1” showing what I think is the same group (minus a guitarist) playing on 2009-05-22 on a street in Shibuya, the same ward where I saw them playing and bought the CD in late 2008.

The video’s description pointed me at, which is a 404 now but was luckily captured by the Wayback Machine. From this biography, I surmise that the group was named after its drummer, 竹下宗男 / Takeshita Muneo (who doesn’t appear to be in MB).

Best of all, I found this page, which has some text that Google translates as “The new CD “NATURALLY/TAKE*BAND” has been completed! !”. That sounds like the album I have!

I’ll enter some data now that I’ve found proof that I wasn’t imagining all the details.