Tracking addition of disc id's

When researching older popular releases with lots of disc id’s, I often drill down to see when a particular id was added. Right now, I may have to scroll through up to 200 edits to find that date and occasionally it is not to be found in the edit notes. I do this to verify the authenticity of the addition. Was it slapped on erroneously? Was it put in when the release was first added etc.?

It would be handy to have the date of when the disc id was added to the disc id page. For example take this screen If the date was here, I could rapidly search through the edit notes by date to then see who did the submission. It would be even handier if it displayed the submitter but I could live with just the date.

Can this be done? Would it be helpful to others? Your thoughts are always appreciated.

One thing you can do is to use “refine this search” to search for only Add disc ID edits, like this.

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Thank you :grinning:. I have added your search reference to my folder of how to do stuff in MB!! In regards to the particular release above, your search came up with 5 results but there are 11 different disc id’s listed. I realize the MB data base has changed over the years which may have caused the loss of info on the other 6. So if there is no way to find info on them so be it. It might still be handy to have the date and editor listed on the specific disc ID link.:thinking:

Old edits will not be found as they were invisible part of Add release edits.
Also, pre-NGS, releases contained all similar tracklist editions in one release with many catalogue numbers and many disc IDs rightfully attached.
You should see that all post-NGS releases have the same Add disc ID edits.
Now you should create your own edition with only your disc is and edition specificity disambiguation.
Or if you spot your edition already defined, remove all the other disc IDs from it (as they are also elsewhere, check that).
And leave this legacy multi disc ID releases for uncertain.