Track titles wrong

The tracks are wrong (track 1 has two titles, as A and B on the back cover, and track 2 is repeated, then finally one track is missing), but with the disc ID added, changing the titles will probably cause a lot of problems.

What is the best way to correct this?


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Do you ask how to add two titles that appear on the back cover as
1.a. The Land
b. Rainy Sunday Evening
followed by
2. Betty Lou

Instead of the

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The first 3 tracks seem already correct, indeed.

According to the tracklist on the back ( track 1 would be “The Land / Rainy Sunday Evening”, but track 2 would be “Betty Lou”, so it is wrong as it is now. And because one track title is repeated, one is missing, “Downrange Party”.

I don’t see any easier way than just editing the tracklist directly. Copy-paste the titles into the right tracks and type in the missing title.

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