Track titles from physical CA or CD encoded track titles?

This release may (I’m waiting on confirmation) have differences in the track titles between those encoded on the CD and those found on the rear cover art (no booklet available).

Which ones get used if both are available?

Differences are primarily names being the anglicised versions on the CD and the “foreign language” versions on the cover art. And CD titles lack diacritical marks - again anglicised.

I lean towards the physical cover art as it may be the one more usually seen and has, I think, two slightly more detailed tracktitles.

I do have a booklet. It’s got “The Marriage of Figaro”, consistent with the cover, not with the cd.


Still wanting to check for the general case.

Guidelines are to use the most detailed tracklist provided.
Does this included encoded tracklists if they are more detailed?
What about more detailed official “on website” tracklists - would they take precedence over in-hand coverart for a CD release?
Or are we after the most detailed physical track list?

I’d lean to the physical tracklist myself as well (back cover over booklet), with the embedded titles and such listed in the annotation until we get alternate tracklists. My feel for “more detailed” – given how people have been talking about obliquely-related topics – is that that would really only come into play if the back only listed numbers and times, or something equally thin, but I could certainly be wrong on that.

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It also comes in play when e.g., the back cover says one thing, print on the medium says something slightly different, and the booklet says something else than either. Which seems to kind of be the case @mmirG is asking about here.

The classical guidelines specifically say:

Note that many classical releases have a less detailed tracklist at the back and a more detailed one in the booklet. When choosing titles, it’s generally better to follow the more detailed one, if available.

Naxos, for example, sometimes have a back tracklist that just says [1]-[5] Suite in A, with the booklet having the specific tracklist with [1] Suite in A: Allegretto, [2] Suite in A: Allegro etc.


Ah, thanks for the clarification you two!