Track titles for audio book from mp3 metadata on MP3 CD

Hi, in edit #48724102 I have tried to amend the track titles of an audio book as they are contained in the metadata of the CD. It is an MP3 CD, an official release, the tracks are in MP3 format and contain titles such as

Teil 001: Steife Prise
Teil 002: Seine Gnaden der Herzog

The respective Musicbrainz entry contains only generic titles such as

Teil 001
Teil 002

which generally makes sense for audio books, but if the tracks have been given indivitual titles by the author, who is Musicbrainz to override these titles and replace them with generic titles because of the MB style guidelines for audio books?

The odd result was that running Picard on the MP3 files leads to having less information instead of more in my music library: It has trunkated their metadata, deleting the individual titles and replacing them with generic ones. Ending up with less information instead of more is not the purpose of Musicbrainz, is it?

Just asking because someone has voted against the respective edit, citing the MB style guidelines.

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I’ve asked, and apparently the idea of the guideline is that if all that the title has is the first words of this track, then they should not be kept because they’re not really a title of any kind. I expect that means if they’re a short description of the track instead, they should be kept. Not sure which case this is since I don’t speak any German :slight_smile:

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Whereever the titles are taken from - they are on the CD, they have been chosen by the publisher, thus they are official. Who are we to change them?

And, again, when this leads to a situation where running Picard on those files results in information getting deleted, this is an annoyance for the user.

I guess the style guidelines make sense when tracks don’t have an official title, but where they already do, I can’t believe that MB’s policy is to change official titles.


I see many people agree with this point of view. Might I convince any of you to propose an actual change to the guidelines via the ticket tracker’s STYLE component? If with the actual wording, much better :slight_smile:

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