Track Title Question

I made a series of corrections to the titles of various tracks on:

As I recently had an edit fail due to tracks having changed (or some other reason), I am wondering whether I have done exactly the same thing again.

I made 2 edits for disc 2:

and 2 edits for disc 3:

I corrected the names of different tracks, but I was thinking that this might be what I had run into before: when the second edit takes place, the track list will not be exactly the same, as the earlier edits will have changed them.

This is awkwardly described, but a look at the edits indicated above will make this clear.

Can this be fixed without me having to do it all over again?


Yes, it is the same type of scenario, and what you described is indeed what would happen: edit #74441116 would succeed, but it would cause edit #74441848 to fail. Edit #74441157 would also succeed, but it would cause edit #74441849 to fail.

Even though you edited different tracks each time, it still causes an edit conflict because MusicBrainz treats the entire tracklist for a medium as a single object. This object includes the track names, numbers, lengths, and artists, as well as the medium type (CD, vinyl, etc.).

Whether or not you cancel one edit from each medium is up to you. Either way, you have to wait until the successful edits are applied before you can resubmit the other changes. (An autoeditor might speed up the process by approving the first two edits.) If you’d rather just sort it all out now, then (unfortunately) you would have to cancel all four and redo the changes.


Yes indeed you should cancel and redo your corrections but all at once.
It will generate one edit per medium and they won’t fail.

IIRC this is not quite true. Two edits to the same medium tracklist should both be able to apply if they affect tracks that are not contiguous. If I am remembering that correctly then these would have passed - I went approve them to test but they were already cancelled :slight_smile: Next time you accidentally do something like this, let me know and let’s test for sure - maybe I just mixed this up with something else.


Thanks :slight_smile:

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So (looking at a similar case), if track 5 hadn’t changed in edit #56448358, then edit #56448462 wouldn’t have failed? Here’s the edit history.

If I remember correctly (which is a big if), then yes :slight_smile: I’m trying to figure it out from the code now.