Track split into multiple parts despite given tracklist

So in this release:
the tracklist ON the CD gives us 2 tracks: Man and Womankind and the encore, but the CD itself is comprised of 19 tracks, with the last 2 corresponding to the encore, much like the digital release:
which I honestly think is just a rip of the CD anyways.

How would the correct tracklist look? Would it be adapted from the digital release’s styling but taking into account the encore (as in Part I - XVII and then Encore! Part I - Part II)? Something else? Do I just leave it as it is now?

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If the CD is actually 19tracks, then the Release should be updated to show that. Track lists should follow the physical media.

This started from an import of a Discogs page. And on there someone has clearly just copied the cover text and not the reality of the medium.

As to the actual CD track names - if I was doing this I’d use " From the Side of Man and Womankind, Part 1" and “Encore, Part 1” as the roman numerals are a bit of a mess for track names. Normal “, Part 1” is more standard as seen in Audiobooks, etc.


There is another discogs 19 track CD release.


There are different versions:

different version here:
with two obvious differences:
- track times given on CD are different
- only two tracks

could someone confirm that this version is correct?

Hi, my copy has 19 tracks.

ok, thanks, it confirms my version is different.

I read that, but could not see anyone confirming a 2 track CD. Especially with those matrix details staying kinda similar.

Seems more like someone just following the “as on the cover” rule and not playing the CD.

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The SID codes seem different

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If it had a bigger gap between manufacturing, I’d believe someone had split it up on a later release. Also the lack of any DiscID makes me also doubt a 2 track version.

Maybe just make a new release due to the doubt. Easier to have two options.

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There are indeed 2 track and 19 track versions submitted at GnuDB (FreeDB):


I made the 19 track release, if you want to fix it:


I did not know of this resource, thanks.
Never seen a 2 track copy so assumed it was just dupes, good thing I made this thread first.