Track names in both Korean and English on cover

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i’ve acquired a release from my library that’s already in the database. the track names are entered in english, imported from the discogs page. though, on the back cover, they’re written korean then english.

using track 1 “Throughout the Night…” as an example, we can name them any of 4 ways:
option A: keep the names in English “Throughout the Night…”
option B: how it’s literally printed “밤을 도와… Throughout The Night…”
option C: Korean with the English in parentheses “밤을 도와… (Throughout the Night…)”
option D: just Korean “밤을 도와…”

looking around, i found the artist’s website about the album. on there is a link to the korean spotify, and it’s interesting to note that the titles are printed as “option B”.

though the album’s bandcamp, and english spotify have the tracks as “option A”

personally i favor “option B”, but i don’t want to make a rushed, biased decision…

i appreciate any input.
(sorry about the not ideal image quality, but it should be enough to make the point.)

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I would use Korean title (option D) as it is release first language, then I would add a pseudo-release in English language (option A).