Tool to upload ISRCs from Digital Downloads v2.2.1

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I’ve found the tools to upload ISRCs from CDs quite useful, but lately I’ve been buying more and more of my music as digital downloads. Since there doesn’t seem to be a tool to upload ISRCs from this format, I decided to write one.
I started with a fork of JonnyJD’s isrcsubmit project since he had about half of the code I’d need. My script is very similar, called . It takes a MusicBrainz user name plus the audio files making up a release, either separately or in a ZIP file (which is how they are usually downloaded).
I’ve put in a fair bit of sanity checking, It will check that the artist and title on tracks matches what is in MusicBrainz, and that track times are similar. It can usually locate the release in MusicBrainz from tags in the audio files, though it sometimes needs help (you can point it to a specific release with a release-id parameter).
I’m looking for beta testers. You’ll find downloads on my Github page SheamusPatt/musicbrainz-isrcsubmit v2.2.1. If you try it out, you can send feedback to .

Note - if you saw my post a few hours ago that I withdrew, it’s because I found a critical error that prevented actually submitting ISRCs. That’s something that was working but which I broke during recent refactoring, and hadn’t noticed. It’s all better now - just make sure you download v2.2.1, not v2.2.0.


I finally located the Features tab on Github, and have turned on the Issues tracker. If you try out isrcDigitalSubmit and identify any issues, please log an Issue on Github.


Sounds cool! Didn’t know digital markets add ISRC to tag (or how you get it?). Did Bandcamp disclose ISRC?

P.S. please add requirements.txt to project

All of the big labels seem to be including ISRC tags. Smaller ones and independent releases often don’t - I guess it’s a bit of a headache. Bandcamp downloads might or might not - I have k.d. lang and Kathleen Edwards releases which have ISRCs, but others don’t. Also, for some reason, if I download it from Bandcamp as AAC, no ISRC, but it’s there in MP3 and FLAC downloads.
I’ll check in that requirements.txt file (it won’t be in the release download until next release but you’ll find it in Github).

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It depends on the release. There are some labels that are good at tagging ISRC codes but the majority are not from my experience.


I see ISRC also disclose on bandcamp track pages (in json), so we can got them without buy music


I’ve been thinking for some time that it would be nice to have a Picard plugin to automatically submit the ISRCs found in the digital download files, and your tool prompted me to finally write one. Thanks.

I’ve just submitted a pull request to include it on the Picard Plugins web page.


That works great. I just pulled it down to try out, and it does the job. Picard is a lot more capable than my poor script at matching up releases.
Since I generally use Picard to tag all my new releases, this will make it easy to upload ISRCs at the same time, much like AcoustIds. My standalone script is a good way to upload ISRCs for all of the digital releases I’ve already tagged, though.
Thanks, Bob.