To split or not to split artists - Alex Banks

Currently for one MB profile for Alex Banks there are two on discogs. Edits made between 2007 and 2012 (mostly by drsaunde) refer to the 90s d’n’b artist ( whereas most of the edits since 2014 refer to the 10s house ‘newcomer’ (

I’m pretty perplexed because at first glance it looks like these are two different people from different eras. But the editors seemed to be certain it’s the same person. Also the first paragraph of his soundcloud biography suggests there was a sort of comeback.

I can’t find any hard evidence to prove whether it’s the same person or two different artists.


IMO this is homonym but above all the Alex Banks from Brighton looks too young to be 90’s artist no?
The 1st one, from Beccles, owns Drill Hall Recording Studio and I guess it’s him on this photo. According to the contact page, it’s Alexander G Banks.

IPI Code 00250745575 confirm it’s Alexander Graham Banks, he also got this IPI Code 00250745673 for Alex Banks.
While IPI Code 00556705923 associate for example with ISWC T-914.050.885-6 (A Matter of Time) is for Alexander Charles Garrard Banks.
So no doubt anymore, two differents persons.


This looks like an honest mistake where the editor and voters (including me) didn’t properly check for other relationships and recordings. Since the bulk of the data (mainly relationships) is for the 1990s artist, it is advisable to create a new artist entry for the 2010s one and edit the respective releases/recordings/etc. there. If you link to the edits here, one of us auto-editors will probably approve them quickly.


Thanks for clarifying it! I’ll do all the required editing tomorrow.


Thank to you to spot and fix that :wink:


Oh boy, so I made the split, moved the releases, moved the recording artists, moved (added/removed) links, made one merger, found one inexistent single. Hopefully I didn’t make any mistakes, but when handling so many things at once, it’s really difficult, you know :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, the old profile for 90s artist:
The new one for the 10s artist:

I hope I made the edits in correct order, so that when earlier ones get approved, the subsequent won’t get scrapped.

Also, the inexistent single under the very real EP release group:

^ all in all, it could be edited to match the official video on youtube ^

PS: browsing through all those edits seems like a nightmare, so I cautiously propose to just wait a week until they get approved and only try to correct any possible mistakes afterwards. I think it’s gonna be easier to check recording lists for both artists then and make corrections if needed. (I have the upper hand of actually being super familiar with the 2010s Alex Banks and I recognise all his songs by the titles.)


Edits are approved :wink: Thanks again @Skeebadoo.

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Ok, (hopefully) last corrections:

  1. Changed the recording artist for First Light and Be the One, part of Modeselektion compilation.
  2. Edited the tracklist credits for the promo version of the Illuminate LP.
  3. Merged the leftover recording for ‘All You Could Do’ present on the very same promo into the proper recording found on other versions of the LP.
  4. Repurposed the absolutely inexistent single-track release ‘All You Could Do’ and its separate recording into the official music video.


4:24 vs 4:16 - it’s just trailing silence on the EP: