TL:DR - why does an artist listed on MB not appear on

Full disclosure, I’ve skimmed over the how-to sections and still don’t understand what it takes to get anything done here.
It is my hope an expert here can help.

Here’s my dilemma:
I saw the band Linfinity perform twice in 2010. I’ve got the other acts from those nights marked as “I was there!” on However, the band Linfinity doesn’t exist on Setlist’s instructions told me to come here, to musicbrainz, to add an artist.

So I created an account, ready to add an artist. And it turns out Linfinity already exists here. Then why are they not showing up on

If you’re still here and still reading, let’s get the band One Lone Car to show on setlist too! Same scenario.

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I just checked out and if I clicked + Setlist, both those artists showed up there. Is there another place on the site that you were trying to use those artists and they weren’t showing up?

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I found them on Setlist as well, so I added the links to both bands’ MusicBrainz pages. I added some other links too, to flesh out the artist profiles a bit.