Title on cover radically different from publicity

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This is a question about a CD release of Oh My Girl’s latest mini-album. The publicity for this release generally calls it “Dear OHMYGIRL” (e.g. on 오마이걸 (OHMYGIRL) 공식 홈페이지 and Dear OHMYGIRL | OH MY GIRL JAPAN OFFICIAL SITE), but the cover art doesn’t mention this title anywhere, and on the front cover. Instead, the front cover, top edge, and book cover of the release all show some variant of the title of the first track, “Dun Dun Dance”.

If this were just a small difference, the style principles would say that I should follow the artist’s intent and correct errors. However, that’s not a lot of help in this case. So shat should I do? Should the MusicBrainz release title be “Dear OHMYGIRL”, or some variant on “Dun Dun Dance”?


If the publicity is consistent in it’s naming then I would consider it artist intent. I would add ‘dun dun dance’ as a disambiguation and an alias, so it’s searchable and avoids confusion.

However I have not looked through the sources you gave, and the fact the other name is even on the spine sure is weird! I’m sure this has happened before with singles though.

I personally would just make a my call and not worry too much, it’s not permanent after all. And keep an eye on future edits to see what happens :see_no_evil:

Edit: sorry, I should have followed your links and seen that the release had already been done, disambig and all :+1:

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I would have put the physical name as release title, though, and the digital name in comment.
Just saying.

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The disambiguation comment is actually something different. Like many K-pop albums, there are two versions of the physical release with different cover art, called the “DUN DUN BEAR” version and the “OMG BEAR” version and the disambiguation comment serves to distinguish these. While the cover art of the two versions differs, the title on the cover is “DUNDUN DANCE” in both cases.

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So now I understand it’s worse.
Now I understand that the visible physical title DUNDUN DANCE is not set anywhere visible in MB.
Not only it should be visible, but it should be the main MB release title, IMO.