Title of tracks splitted from single work

Hi, I have a medium where single work (and a recording) is split into 2 tracks. What will be the name for these tracks?
The release which I’m facing the problem is: Release “街” by SOPHIA - MusicBrainz
This release has 3 recordings:

  1. 街 Single version
  2. 「Eternal Flame」
  3. 街 Instrumental

But, it has 4 tracks

When I checked the lyrics and the song, I found that the work “Eternal Flame” is splitted into track 2 and 3.

What will be the track name for track 2 and 3 (and the name of the recording) in this case?

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I would title both tracks as 「Eternal Flame」 as printed, and I would add some descriptive recording disambiguation comment, like intro, MC, reprise, according to what I could hear when listening to it.

If I had no access to it, I would set comments as 1/2 and 2/2, maybe…

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