Title Case Plugin not working? Expected Functionality

Hello everyone! New User here and after a few hours of reading guides, forums, FAQs and blogs, I haven’t figured out how the Title Case Plugin should work.

I expected it to convert the metadata retrieved from the database once I approved the changes/save the track/album. However, it’s not working after several attempts to test functionality. I attempted to use the definitions inside the .py file for the Tagger Script, but it tells me it’s an unknown function.

I have a separate problem with the green Tagger button on the website not working for some album releases. Is this a known issue?

Once enabled the title case plugin works automatically on metadata downloaded from the database. E.g. without the plugin the track title would be like “Welcome to the Jungle”, with the plugin enabled you will see “Welcome To The Jungle”. You will see this changed metadata right away on loaded releases in the right pane. Of course the metadata itself will only be written to your files once you have matched them and hit save.

The tagger script button works not with HTTPs enabled. I don’t know whether anybody has come up with a proposed solution, yet. IMHO best workaround is to drag and drop the URL into Picard.

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Because images sometimes explain things better:


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Thank you very much for such a detailed response and excellent GIF walkthrough!
If this could be added in FAQs, I’m sure it would help many out there! :slight_smile: