"Thunderbird" vs "Itchy". History of a misunderstanding and what to do in the database

This is a striking case of a worldwide fallacy, when one is mistaken for another. From the two instrumental tracks by Sonny Burgess of the same length released in 1958 on single Sun 304, the fastest (and most popular) is “Thunderbird”. However, in the vast majority of later compilations, these recordings are confused with each other: “Thunderbird” is mistitled “Itchy”, and “Itchy” is mistitled “Thunderbird”, as evidenced, in particular, by the links to YouTube.

Until today, I shared this misconception based on the authoritative (as I believed) release “The Complete Sun singles, Vol. 3” by Bear Family Records, a copy of which I have.

However, today I have authentic single Sun 304 in my hands, which clearly shows that the fastest track is “Thunderbird”. I added annotations to the recordings, but now I am confused: what to do with the tracklists of releases where these recordings are mixed up, starting with “The Complete Sun Singles” and including, between many others, both CD compilations by Bear Family Records: “Classic Recordings” of Billy Lee Riley and of Sonny Burgess? Should I correct the tracklist as an obvious error in accordance with the actual state of affairs, or leave it as it is, but merge the recordings under the correct name, giving in both cases explanations in the annotation for each release that made this error?

Another problem is that I have in my hands many, but not all compilations present in the database. I can add to these releases an annotation like “The track NN could be mistitled”.