“This artist credit has pending edits” OR overcluttering the UI

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I just noticed that in some cases, entries with open edits (like here) have a sign next to them. Hovering over it shows a tooltip with the text “This artist credit has pending edits”. But what does this add to the fact that the entry is already highlighted yellow to show there are pending changes? And even if this gives extra information, is it worth the extra clutter?

Recently the UI has started showing the recording artist if it differs from the track artist, but again: “Do I really need to know this?” It is useful in some situations (when you’re fixing classical releases, for example), but most of the time and I think for most of the people, it isn’t.

With the new UI project apparently dead and buried, we’ll have to stick with the old UI, which is already creaking under its own weight. Maybe it’s time to discuss whether we want to bolt even more stuff onto it? Or maybe just take the bigger picture (the entire UI) in consideration whenever it comes to evaluating adding more features? Not just asking “Could we add this?”, but also “Should we?”


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The UI is confused even more by many people seeing different variations thanks to scripts. We all have our own different hacks.

One thing I would love to see is a more permanent, sticky based area where the scripts get more prominence. And better details on what they do. Somewhere where the noobs can learn how to improve their own GUI. A Script Library.

I have found some of the scripts make the GUI so much better. And the beauty of those scripts is that one can be selective as to which are in use. Allowing focus on the areas of interest to the user.

This forum is a place where the best details posts get lost far too easy.


The highlighted yellow really is completely meaningless to a user unless you already know what it means.


If a user doesn’t know even that, how meaningful do you think “This artist credit has pending edits” is going to be for that user?

Honestly so much more meaningful than a random stripe of colour with no explanation anywhere. Maybe we’re on different pages here but I don’t even see how that’s comparable.

p.s. Is the new UI project really buried? :frowning:


The orange background only means artist has pending edits.
The new mark means this particular artist credit is about to change.


I haven’t heard a squeak from those parts in ages. :slightly_frowning_face:

What @jesus2099 said is the point here :slight_smile: Before there was no way of knowing whether the credit you’re looking at had pending edits - only that the artist had (and they could be completely unrelated). I don’t feel a small icon qualifies as clutter, but YMMV.

For classical, it’s not just for fixing it - it gives a neat quick way of seeing what are the main artists for the track/recording without having to parse all the relationships. Outside of classical, these being different at all is often just an error, and it shows someone has forgotten to change recording artists while fixing track artists or vice-versa. There’s some cases where the credits are just legitimately different, of course, but I don’t think those are common enough to be a problem. IIRC we also don’t show them to logged-out users, who might be more confused about the track/recording difference than they’re helped by this.


I don’t think it’s buried as such, but the React conversion is taking us a looot longer than planned, so we haven’t gotten to the point where we can look into that yet.