Things It Would Have Been Helpful To Know Before The Revolution (probable typo)

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There’s a release of Father John Misty - Pure Comedy
where the 3rd track is called Things It Would Be Helpful to Know Before the Revolution

This is probably incorrect as there’s no other appearance of this title and, according to the lyrics, it clearly would have been helpful.

Please check!

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You’re right, but that’s how iTunes has it listed on the release. Put in an edit. We don’t have to follow exactly what’s on a release if it can be pointed out that it is wrong. It looks like this is the case.

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Dont just look at iTunes unless you can not fined it else where i have seen them name things wrong
but in this case it looks like you are right this is what i found with a quick web search

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Yeah, I agree, rename it to the correct text.

There are almost 40 different editions of it over at Discogs - for a 2017 release that is rather extreme :smiley:

Some of them do have rear cover images. Here is one:

Shops like iTunes \ Amazon often end up with typing errors in their track lists as they are normally put together before the release exists.

Or, in this case, it sounds like iTunes wrote their track list before the revolution :grin:

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