The X-men: Release group with invisible misattributed artist [solved]

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Recently this release was added to MB, using a Discogs import script:

The X is rave/jungle producer Mark McKinley AKA Mark XTC.

So far so good. For some inscrutinable reason, the same release group also shows up at the page of another group called “The X”, i.e. Techno producers Marc Hartman and Ronald Vernes

In fact, if you look into the editing history of the release group (coming from either artist page), you’ll find the script imported it to The X (sometimes showing up as Mark McKinley and sometimes as Marc Hartman and Ronald Vernes )

It is really the same release group with the same MBID, but it doesn’t belong there. I have tried to detach the release group from the misattributed artist, first by setting the artist to The X (Mark McKinley). This results in MB telling me that “The data you have submitted does not make any changes to the data already present.”. Secondly, I tried to merge the release group under the “wrong” X into that under the “right” X. However, MB does not let me add the release group for merging (as they are the same).

So now I am nonplussed. Why does this release show up under the wrong artist? Why can’t I detach it? And how do I fix it? Looks like a bug to me.



Awesome, thanks.

So the reason things looked so wonky is because the recordings were attributed to a different artist then the release? Huh. One does live and learn.

Is that a flaw of the import script?

It could be that the source of the error is discogs. Take a look at the track artists there and see if they have the same problem.

Negative. The tracks of the source entry at Discogs do not seem to be linked to any recordings.

The script is fairly basic and needs double checking by the user. The script is mainly a quick way of bringing raw text across, it can’t directly select the matching artist.

It looks to me like half way through adding the track the edit went a bit wrong when adding the medium ( ).

At that stage the artist changed to the other “The X”.

I don’t think the Discogs script itself is clever enough to link recordings.

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I considered that, but that would require the editor to have changed the artist manually, since the MB submission system automatically defaults to the release artist, if I am not mistaken.

I agree that this is the most plausible scenario though.

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Yeah, agree with you @biocv, but it is also quite easily to get confuddled and tangled up in there. Maybe the initial import had picked the other “The X” throughout, and after setting the recordings the user may have returned to the first page to make corrections.

It is all speculation anyway. The important bit is your keen eyes spotted it and it is now correct. :wink:

It actually can (and does), if the MusicBrainz artist has a link to the Discogs artist. (Same for release groups and labels.)

But it might not have been linked at the time that release was added, or it might have been wrongly linked. (It might also have had wrong information in Discogs at the time, even if it doesn’t anymore. E.g., if they split out the second “The X” at a later point after realising it was two separate artists.)


That is good to know. Aha - now I look I realise it is this import script that covers the Discogs pages in pink MB logos. Very handy when sorting out credits.

I thought they were two separate things.

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