The unholy that is the metadata on Various Artists

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Getting back into MusicBrainz editing after many years absent, and I’m still getting a handle on some of the new features, data types, etc. While working on another edit I noticed some real weirdness with the Various Artists speclal-purpose artist.

The main weirdness is it doesn’t look like it can be edited directly, though relationships can still be done. I suppose that’s to avoid abuse? But at the moment it has a Japanese wikipedia page linked as the main wikipedia page which seems… odd. Shouldn’t the English language version of the phrase be linked to an English Wikipedia page, and then localized translations link to their respective pages?
I don’t want to presume any European/white-centric view and I think localization is awesome, I just can’t do it for anything other than English.

And looking at the relationships tab ( there’s a handful of weird Appearances linked in that… I… I just can’t fathom how or why they even got there.

Finally, it seems like there’s a bajillion junk tags ( and while many of them are downvoted… I guess they can’t be removed? Or just keep getting re-added?
Shouldn’t tags be limited for this?
Can tags even be removed at all??

Thanks for any help in getting an old user back to speed and please, help me regain my sanity…

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It doesn’t actually have any WP page linked to it. It has a WikiData link. There isn’t a page on the English WP site corresponding to that WD object, so it just displays one of the pages that do link to that object. If your computer was set to French or Finnish, you would see the page in that language.

If you type “Various Artists” into English WP, you get redirected to a page for “Compilation Albums”.


It looks like this has been used as a placeholder for an artist (or person - Marco Pantani is a cyclist, I gather) that doesn’t have an MB entry. It would probably be better to use [unknown] , but better still to create artist entries - although I’m not sure if we really want those for every possible dedicatee.

Changed “Músicos participantes no disco” to [unknown], Ferdinand Lecussan to its own artist, G. Canaudin and P. Tourancheau to two separate artists. I’m not sure whether the dedication to Pantani is actually a dedication as such, so I’m not sure whether to create an artist for him or remove it.

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Ah, gotcha. Wasn’t familiar with WikiData. More rabbit holes!
And clearly not something simple to rectify as far an English language version goes.

I’m deleting it, I don’t see any point in having it as an explicit dedication relationship. An annotation would seem to make more sense. Don’t even know if the song itself was dedicated or just a specific performance.

I mean, the song itself is about Pantani, I’m just not sure if there’s anything that says “this is dedicated to the memory of Pantani” or whatnot :slight_smile: