The soundtrack to "HORROR HOTEL?"

I just joined the site today and was interested in knowing where I can locate a copy of the soundtrack to:
“Horror Hotel” composed by
Douglas Gamley & Kenneth V. Jones
Digital Media 32 Tracks
Catalog # MC 214

Thank you!

We have that release in MusicBrainz, but no info where it can be obtained. Even the editing history does not give any sources.


Yeah, we only know where to buy the stuff we have links to shops for, so I’m sorry to say we can’t help with this one.

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The release is marked as a bootleg, so it may not be officially available at all.

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Thank you for answering my question. I’ll try to find a copy somewhere - if anyone knows please write me here. Thanks.

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To the best of my knowledge “The Master Cylinder” is a home-made series. Assuming this is fact, anything with “The Master Cylinder” as a label is not available anywhere. I would believe this release will not be found anywhere.