The Official Brony Project Masterthread

So, I figured I may as well make a master thread to collect a bunch of helpful information for cataloging Brony music on MusicBrainz. I’ll make this post a wiki so others can add helpful links and whatnot~ this could also later be expanded to cataloging Brony fanfiction on BookBrainz (and you’re more than welcome to before then… I’ve already started a collection there too~)

there is also a thread in the Unofficial Discord, if you’d prefer asking questions or just chatting over there~

also tagging current contributors to the Brony artist index @Alch_Emi @CyberSkull @foxgrrl and @MLPMusic

Listings and wikis

Streaming services and archives

archives of audio and video files
    possibly the only Brony-specific streaming site still around. they both allow users to upload new music AND have archived profiles for many more musicians. note that they don’t always handle Various Artist releases well, so large compilations might be split across all the individual artists
  • The Pony Music Archive was a massive archive (730GB!) of Brony music spanning from the early days of the fandom until it got taken down in 2021. there are torrents still available here. it was a spiritual successor to…
  • The MLP Music Archive - Ponyville Live!
    as of Fall 2013, this archive is no longer updated, but it is still officially available through the Ponyville Live! website, via torrent as well.
  • EqBeats was a big name in the Brony music community, providing free downloads and streaming. unfortunately it’s now defunct, but the source code is available on GitHub. if you do find such a link, you can add it as “Download for free” and “Stream for free”, with both set to Ended. the site seems to have shut down in December 2015 according to an external source.
  • there’s more than likely a bunch of Brony music on the Internet Archive, but I haven’t figured out how to navigate the archive beyond a simple search, which likely won’t pull up everything…
  • honorable mentions go to the YouTube archive channels such as Deleted Pony Songs and Brony Music Archive.

Current projects

  • General artist cleanup: adding aliases (for example, zorg or &I), artist links, merging duplicates, adding areas, more descriptive disambiguations than (Brony artist), and the like. this is the main reason I started the Brony artist index, to make it easier to see which artists still need work.
  • Brony events: mostly conventions and the concerts that go with them, but there’s quite possibly other events outside of cons, perhaps a Minecraft concert or something
  • Toast Beard was a compo (composition competition, I think?) that ran weekly early on in the fandom’s history. most of the website is available on the Wayback Machine, so adding all the individual compos shouldn’t be too hard, but it’s a lot of work… more details in the annotation on the series page linked above

since many Brony tracks contain samples from the show, I figure it’d be important to mention that you can link a recording to the IMDb entity it samples from, either the show or movie, or even the specific episode. an example of both respectively: