The new Solr search is live on MusicBrainz as of 12:00 GMT, 30 June 2018

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Can any on please explain in Dutch what this means : The new Solr search is live on MusicBrainz as of 12:00 GMT, 30 June 2018… And what it implies


Hopefully better search !

Where, I dont see it, still looks the same to me :slight_smile:

A better explanation of what it means.

Is there a problem with the new search engine for finding artists? This use to work? Try going to search and enter the artist name “Vern Gosdin” or “The Gosdin Brothers” and I get nothing. If I put in a MB releaseID I can then click an the artist. Am I doing something wrong?

Works for me?

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Try typing it in the artist field at:
Releases work but artists do not work.

Are you talking about tag lookups? Because the normal search is working perfectly fine.

Previous search was searching for Vern OR Gosdin. New search is now (hopefully) searching specifically Vern AND Gosdin.
This is why it does not find something containing Gosdin but not Vern.

I have tried Chrome and Firefox. Using only the artist field at . “Alvin Lee”, “Vern Gosdin”, “Gosdin”, “The Beatles”, all produce “No results found. Try refining your search query.” , this worked last night. Other search boxes work but have not tried them all. Also cleared my cache.

IMO the artist field in the search box is not working like it use to. If I put in just the release “Sounds of Goodbye” I get the 3 “The Gosdin Brothers” releases since there are no other releases with just “Sounds of Goodbye”. If I put “The Gosdin Brothers” in the artist box and “Sounds of Goodbye” in the release box I get 3 albums before the “Sounds of Goodbye” albums.

Direct search works, indexed search does not for the different artist I have tried.

My mistake, its the tag lookup that is not working for artists, I have always used the tag search since I can add multiple fields to the query.

@dashv as I said, that is just for the tag lookup part. I have made a PR to fix it. (

As for indexed search, all the queries you said work for me -
See the links below -

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I just realized what you asked after putting in another reply saying it was the tag lookup for artist that is not working like it use to.

Thanks, sorry for the confusion, was frustrated, will work around the problem until fixed.

Apparently I was wrong when saying new search is an AND search.
Here is a search that is obviously not an AND search: Chris de Burgh.

I am very pleased with the new search engine, but I have not done anything complex yet, mostly tag lookup. My reported problem was fixed in less than 2 days.:smiley: