The Mamas & the Papas - 16 of their greatest hits

This RG has two vinyl releases and 8 CD releases. The CD releases have a different set of tracks than the vinyl, having replaced 3 songs with 3 different ones. Discogs keeps these in two Master releases. The vinyl master release (with over 100 releases) has a note saying it has never been published on CD, and the CD master (32 versions) has a note saying it was never on vinyl.

MB’s RG Style Guide says releases “…where the tracklist isn’t identical, such as releases which have bonus tracks or even bonus discs” should be in the same RG, but in this case, 3 original tracks have been removed and replaced with 3 different ones.

I’m inclined to agree with Discogs’ decision to keep them in 2 masters. Has this situation been discussed before? Is there a consensus?


I’ve seen it done both ways. The key to me is - if this is promoted in a separate way, at a separate date, with separate artwork, by a different label, it sounds like a separate Release Group.

I would write up notes in the annotation and give it some kinda disambig too.

If the same tracks are just being shuffled to fit on the different medium, then it is same RG. Toss a coin. :smiley:

The main confusion here is MCA re-released the original vinyl album at the two years before the CD version. But when releasing the CD didn’t do a vinyl. That makes me think they saw them as a set.