The Majesty and Glory albums series?

what do you all think are these albums a series or just separate releases?
The Majesty and Glory: 46 Favorite Hymns and Spiritual Songs
The Majesty and Glory of Christmas: 42 Traditional Carols and Hymns
The Majesty and Glory of the Resurrection: 28 Traditional Hymns and Sacred Songs

Can’t see the harm in creating a series for them. Same artists, same title pattern, cat numbers are in same series.

A few things I saw when checking through those edits:

The joining phrase with the artists ( & \ And \ and ) needs sorting out. You made a small typo in your edit to change the & on one of them. The joining “and” should be a lower case and when following normal style guide.

So I tweaked the Release Group for you on that one and added the missing “album” to the RG.

The edit where you send all the tracks to “And” is the one where you added the second person in to the credits. And then forgot to tick the box to add the credit to the recordings. (I left a note on that one)

Also kicked a couple of apostrophe’s into the style guide versions. (Little tip - look up and right and you’ll see the “I Don’t Know” on the page. A quick trick is to copy and paste that apostrophe if you are not yet using the scripts)

ok im not good with gramma and spelling. I dont rilly know where things like that go unless i see it. so if you see somewhere it is needed pleases add it for me

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I’ll keep an eye out for Grandma Spelling and direct her to the correct place. :wink:

The apostrophe thing is a whole other area of the style guide which I’ll find the page for another time as I am just heading out the door here.