The language Aramaic


I would like to propose adding or changing the Jewish Babylonian Aramaic (ca. 200-1200 CE)"tmr"&type=work&limit=25&method=advanced

To be a general “Jewish Aramaic.”

There’s a lot of different variants of Aramaic that are not in the database, and there is the some Aramaic like the Zohar (where a lot of songs come from) Zohar - Wikipedia that are not a specific dialect.

I think that having a language Jewish Aramaic would be the perfect solution for adding additional dialects of Aramaic in different eras.

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I’m not familiar with these languages, but the ticket adding (I think?) the existing Amaramic language type seems to have been made with Zohar in mind:


The closest language to Zohar I think would be Jewish Palestinian Aramaic - Wikipedia but it’s okay I guess.

The issue with this is that we follow ISO for our languages :slight_smile: tmr is not the code for a generic Jewish Aramaic, but for specifically “Jewish Babylonian Aramaic” - it seems the Zohar language has no actual ISO code so using tmr might still be the least bad option for now though.