The King of the Blues: track length and other details

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There are already threads on editing track length, but let me ask again, because I don’t see a way to do it.

Take a look at track 6 Sweet Sixteen of The King Of The Blues. The stated track length of 7:41 is probably wrong. How can I dispute that?

The Discogs release linked to states 4:14. That is probbaly closer to the truth. My version in iTunes has 4:17 (though I can’t say which exact release of this album that is from because I don’t have the original CD anymore. But I can say it is from a 1993 release).

What’s more, this release somehow exists separately from this release group. Why?

It is also not part of the series The Blues Collection, but should be I think.

Also, I’d like to dispute naming the albums in this release group “The Blues Collection 2”. That is wrong. There have been different releases of “The King Of The Blues” as you can check on the series page at Discogs. But that does not justify renaming the album name.

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You aer right, the release groups should be merged and the number 2 should be removed from the titles, as it does not appear on package, apparently. :slight_smile:

Now for the track length, it seems that there do exist different editions with different track lengths, according to attached Disc IDs that matches that 7:41 track.
It seems legitimate, althgough I have not thoroughly checked the edit history.


The disc ID attached to that particular release matches up with the track lengths for the Dutch release on Discogs.