The Jags "Back of My Hand"

I recently found out that The Jags’ 1979 power-pop hit “Back of My Hand” exists in not two but 3 distinct versions. I’ve created unique recordings for each of them, but since they’ve been conflated in the past there’s a whole tangle of acoustids, and a bunch of compilations containing unknown versions. If anyone has access to releases and can identify the version, please link the release accordingly, and add/unlink acoustids as appropriate.

The good news is that all of the versions can be readily identified by listening to the first two bars, which feature a distinctive two-note guitar riff.

The original single version has the opening riff played by just one guitar. It’s on at least one compilation that I know of (Rhino’s “Starry Eyes”). This version on youtube:

The Buggles remix has keyboards that aren’t on the original, including a synth doubling the opening riff. It appeared on later single releases and on the US release of the LP “Evening Standards”. Listen here:

Finally, there was a complete re-recording that appears on the UK version of “Evening Standards”. This version has a second guitar playing rhythm on the opening riff. I think it is very likely the version that appears on the Best of the Jags CD release, which compiles their two LPs in the UK track order. It may also have appeared on some single releases. Youtube:

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