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…so, after a bit of research, I believe the Caramella Girls stopped using the Caramell name just before the end of 2019, both because of some Wayback Machine digging I did on YouTube, and a bit of iTunes/Apple Music knowledge from from @yindesu.

I’ve also found that most of the Caramell versions are still available on Spotify and Deezer. they don’t show up on either artist’s Spotify page, but they do show up on Deezer. Atisket doesn’t find an iTunes/Apple Music release when I look these versions up, so I don’t think those exist anymore. the Caramell and Caramella Girls versions do have different barcodes and streaming links.

I also added my first Live Bootleg release from YouTube:


You can use Experience the App Store and iTunes Anywhere | fnd to find Apple Music releases around the world. I wouldn’t rely on a-tisket to find anything. It misses tons of Spotify releases and is now not working correctly with Apple Music on most releases after November 2021.


that might be handy, actually… I’ll keep that in mind~

for what it’s worth though, I usually start with the Spotify release, since that’s my current streaming platform of choice. I haven’t been adding too many new releases either.

that’s not to say I haven’t been having issues with Atisket myself, of course, but I do still find it handy for adding a bunch of digital releases, complete with maximized artwork, ISRCs, and streaming links.

also in this particular case, I didn’t find the Caramell singles on fnd, I’m pretty sure they were just straight-up removed from Apple Music

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That’s what I do too. Start with the Spotify release for best results! Good advice for everyone.


just wanted to share this gem that I just added to:

I’m definitely not old enough to remember these, but maybe some of y’all are :wink:

there are a couple I haven’t added yet, prolly gonna get to those tonight

(and yes, I did add parody works for all the songs I knew)


I love this so much :sob:

edit: this youtube channel is gold, truly awful content

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oh, that’s pretty terrible… :joy:

I figured you’d enjoy it~ and as you may have noticed, there’s a tag now, if this is gonna be the next singing fish. :fish: :wink:

edit: oh wow, that’s a lot of answering machine releases on that channel… and in several languages too! :phone:

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Ha ha, yes, I did record a few funny ones myself for my answering machine, including 1 or 2 with some kind of music.


I’ll just drop this here… a wonderful example of old web design, but definitely fairly recent. he’s even got Snapchat Bitmoji on there, lol


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Not everyone is comfortable starting new threads and this is a safe space to post anything :v:

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I fear that we will have 3+ posts here on these endless and inextricable DL release problems, inherent to the format. :sob:

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I totally understand why you would prefer it a different way @jesus2099 but I’m really firm on my stance that this thread is for anything.

To everyone:

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We should use Discord :slight_smile:

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