"The following artists couldn’t be linked to MusicBrainz" atisket

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I use atisket/ to add data to the db. When I end to add a release atisket/ frequently says : “The following artists couldn’t be linked to MusicBrainz. It would be helpful if you add vendor links relationships to them, so they can be automatically linked in the future.”

I don’t understand. Because the artists exists on the db…so its asking me to add vendors ulr to artist description ?


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a-tisket uses APIs from iTunes, Spotify & Deezer. It’s asking you to add the links to iTunes, Spotify & Deezer, so that in the future it’ll know which artist to prefill for you. Be careful though as iTunes must match with a country code. So if it’s itunes.apple.com/artist or music.apple.com and not itunes.apple.com/us/artist, it doesn’t work. It must be iTunes. If you live outside of the US, you’ll see a lot more of missing artist from a-tisket. You can remedy this by adding your local country code URL to iTunes to the artist.


Thx a lot for the explanation !

You mean, if I’m in spain, I should add itunes.apple.com/sp/artist to the artist tags (on top of other countries url)…This will add a lot of links to artist tag no ? Is it really useful ? If there is already one url, why it isn’t enough ?

Yeah, that’s the only way to have a-tisket find artist using the Spain iTunes store. Spotify & Deezer aren’t country specific. I agree about the redundancy of links though, but that’s what it’s asking with that comment.

But if a artist is find under us, why it would be needed to add spain link ? How is this useful ?

in the case someone upload a release using the spain link ?

thx for your time !