The fake "NOW (That's What I Call Music)" special-purpose label is a fake label created specifically because MusicBrainz didn’t support multiple release labels prior to NGS, correct? I assume the community would be in agreement that all releases in this fake label should be corrected?


    -> Virgin EMI

    -> Virgin EMI & Polygram

    -> Universal Music on Demand & Sony Music

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If proper imprint(s) can be identified then absolutely I would say the releases should be changed to use them.

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The fake label will be in use by people who won’t see the forum. I can’t see the harm in leaving the NOW label there, but add in the correct Virgin \ EMI \ Sony etc alongside. Keeps everyone happy then.

Not sure if you used all your words with care, but the harm in leaving the fake label there would be that it is a fake label that couldn’t be identified in the cover art? I would say that in other fields/relationships, MusicBrainz doesn’t want an additional fake entry alongside the actual entries that should be there…


Shouldn’t it be a release group series, now that this entity exists?

I think the actual labels should be shown, not the fake label. I thought this was weird when I stumbled upon it. I didn’t realize that it was because only 1 label use to be allowed or I wouldn’t have changed some of the releases back to the fake labels.