The Brony artist index

just wanted to share something I’ve been working on the past couple days, the Brony artist index!

basically, I’ve been collecting any artist who’s done more than a couple Brony tracks into a single collection. so far I’ve got over 200 artists!~ I’ve also collected some helpful links for others who might come along after me~

if anyone wants to collaborate on this collection, just lemme know here~

(definitely inspired by a RYM list of the same name:wink:)


What is Brony?
Internet search says it is a fan of poneys?
I don’t get it.

A portmanteau of “bro” + “pony”

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Bronies are fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, in particular. the fandom was pretty big during the 2010’s, with many conventions around the world, and a massive music and remix community that’s still going pretty strong to this day~


Incredible, I have a lovely 11 year old child but didn’t even knew about my little pony! :sweat_smile:

I wonder why pretty big fandom and what kind of specific music this could be… :thinking:
But no, in fact, I don’t really want to know… :rofl: