The Big Language Identification Thread

As part of some clean-up work in MBz, I often run the following advanced query:
type:“song” AND -lang:*

This will show all works that are marked as songs but have no langauge set. Sometimes this is because the work was created before languages were an option, the works have been created in bulk, because there are no lyrics (to which the type must become [blank] and language no lyrics) or because the submitter doesn’t recognize the language being sung.

This thread is to help identify those that fit into the last category. So if you wanna help, listen to some of the examples below and then quote reply with the unknown language


First example

English identified for Peter’s lyrics, but unsure on Angélique’s lyrics entry - Angélique Kidjo – Salala Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

(title is a Wixárika word)"song"+AND+-lang%3A*&type=work&method=advanced :wink::+1:

152,718 results :woozy_face:


152,718 results :nerd_face: it’s going down! one by one they fall, also getting to listen to lots of new music


Papa Wemba probably sings in a Congolese language - there are many. But even if it’s only one, I would not set it unless it’s printed somewhere. I prefer no information to guessed information.
And there are songs with no selectable language, like Hopelandic lyrics by Sigur Ros, or something like Klingon.
But thanks for adding those you know!

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Klingon would be considered Artificial (Other) :slight_smile:

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Actually Klingon is already used:


nice, every day is a school day on the forums :smiley: :man_teacher: