The amount of a specific word used in edit notes by one user

How to count the number of times the word “IFPI” was used by one user in an edit notes throughout MB history?

In this way I would like to find out exactly how many CDs (matrix, IFPI) I have entered into the database.

The example below is partial because sometimes I added IFPI to another user.

“Edit note includes”

I use that same trick to count up my scanned artwork adds. (Which today stands at 5842 images…)


But he probably didn’t count for other users

What about this?

Problem is that will also pick out when you comment on someone else’s IFPI notes. But that is hopefully low.

Still not enough.

There should be a note 05/06/2024 11:06

I assume this does catch those other ones?

You may just have to do two separate searches.

I think so.


I’m actually halfway there.

According to the agreement, there will be approximately 1,000 IFPIs. :wink:

I repeat. :wink:

A powerful tool.

Applause for the creators.

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There is a point when the search stops counting your results. At that point note there are 50 results per page and multiply by the number of pages of search results.

When I counted up my uploaded scans I hit 117 pages. So 116x50 plus those on the last page.

You can find this number also in your profile:



You need to divide it by 4 or 5 and you will get the number of releases. :wink:

@Echelon69 You mean 1 x front, 1 x back and 2 or 3 booklet scans per release?

@InvisibleMan78 circa.

Doesn’t work from the profile. That is ALL artwork uploaded. Not just my own.
That would also include the adds of artwork from other sources like Discogs and web in general. I’ve added 21,167 bits of artwork in total, but only 5842 of those did I spend effort on a scanner, cropping, editing, uploading.

I always add the same text when I add artwork so I can do this kinda search\count.

Impossible to work out how many releases that is as I do whole booklets. Can do up to 50 images with some releases.

I have a tag for the scans I did, just 39 releases.

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I have collections for releases where I have uploaded my scans, releases which I scanned but did not upload so far, and releases I want to scan someday :grin:

Sadly my collection of scanned releases which I have not uploaded yet has 309 items currently :cry: