Thank you! to Android app developers, and editors everywhere

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I want to give a big Thank You!! to the developers of the MusicBrainz app for Android, and to MusicBrainz editors everywhere over the years.

I received a box of over 100 CDs my mother no longer wanted, with instructions to share them with my siblings. Such a big task, to catalogue them all!

But I had the MusicBrainz for Android app on my phone. It can scan UPC codes on Release covers, and look them up. From this, about 45% of the releases were identified. The MusicBrainz web site has a Collections feature. I made a Collection for my mother’s CDs. The Android app has an “Add to collection” button. When the bar code search found the Release, it was easy to add it to my mother’s Collection.

Instantly, I was making an accurate and detailed catalogue.

About 10% of the releases had no bar codes. For all but two of them, I could search for the Release name in MusicBrainz for Android, it found the Release, and I could add it to my mother’s Collection.

Of course, it was MusicBrainz editors everywhere and over all the years of the project, who entered the data which the app searches. Thank you to everyone who entered the Releases which my mother also bought, and which I was able to catalogue so easily.

Now my pile to catalogue is only half as large as it was. Thank you, contributors to MusicBrainz! Now it’s my turn to contribute.

Thank you!!