'Thank You Hashem': organization set as 'artist'

‘Artist’ on MusicBrainz

I noticed a curious thing when listening to new music: A new single by Alex Clare, with an additional artist (not only) listed on Deezer: ‘Thank You Hashem’. Which surprised me, because I only see Alex Clare in the accompanying music video. The cover says ‘TYH Nation (Thank You Hashem!) presents: RUN - Alex Clare’.
The video description on YouTube says something like: ‘“RUN” is a testament to TYH Nation’ and 'TYH Nation is an organization dedicated to encouraging a joyful and meaningful life of Yidishkeit.
As I wrote in the discussion of my edit, I’m not happy with the listing as an artist here - if the next Britney Spears single presented by Pepsi says ‘Pepsi feat. Britney Spears’ here, I see an edit war coming.
So I would like to discuss how to deal with the ‘artist’ here.


Thank you for opening this discussion. I am the original editor and added all of their releases from streaming services (They only release their music on streaming platforms) to MB.

I would like to know what’s the correct way going forward.

[Artist A] presents [Artist B] is an old thing. I’ve seen it around a fair bit and both names appear. (I’ll see if I can find some examples)

But these are musicians. I agree it would not be right to put a sponsor name into the credits.

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I agree that “Thank You Hashem” shouldn’t be an artist on this release.

@yomo12 in the notes on that edit:

Would you say I need to remove from all releases their name?

I reviewed 9 of the releases currently attributed to TYH and don’t see any evidence that it’s an artist on the others either. I would vote yes on edits removing it.

The ‘Thank You Hashem’ branding does seem like a unifying characteristic though, so it’s probably worth tracking it somehow. From the cover art it almost seems like a label/imprint. The releases already have one of those though.

Maybe a series would be a good place for this information.

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This seems a good option if TYH is just a promoter.


Or couldn’t it be a series, like NICE PRICE, etc. ?

Update: LOL, I just said the same thing as you, third time! I thought only label had been mentioned.

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Started cleaning up …

And created a series for TYH. I wonder how LB will handle this.


Another question.

Should I change this release to a VA release or leave it as is?

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Various artists sounds right to me

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