Thai compilation anthology discs (with catalog numbers) - valid release groups

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My reading of the guidelines is that high volume commercial, though blackmarket, recordings are valid for entry to the database.

An example:
"Neil Young, Greatest Hits
Catalog number: M316"
On the base of the cover art, in Thai script, there may be a label or more likely a slogan.
This has 15 albums by NY listed and pictured on the front. And presumably the mp3s of those albums on the CD.
(Have not actually tried listening to it yet.)

Am I reading the guidelines correctly (this time)? (I am slowly correcting from my imagined “Capitalisation guidelines” towards the actual ones.)


As far as I know, they are (though I’ve had my own misreadings of the guidelines in the past as well). We don’t include the playlists someone burnt just for their family and a couple friends, but once the distribution steps up enough to be a bit more notable – and certainly once the release can be described as either “high volume” or “commercial” – then it’s perfectly acceptable. Just make sure to set the release status to “Bootleg”.


Yeah, I’d expect these are “legitimate” enough bootlegs to add.