Text data translated to multiple languages (internationalization of annotations, etc)

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(As I can see) currently text fields like annotations exists in one version only.

What language should be used when artist is not from English speaking country?

  • Annotations in native language will be easier to understand for artists auditory.
  • Annotations in English allows to work with data or discover artist for everybody.
    Also there is an options to add English translation after native language version in the text but ideally they should be stored separately in database.

Should my annotations contain text in two languages? Also probably I should add a feature request to the bug tracker (I don’t think it will be implemented anytime soon, though :slight_smile:).


There is no standard for this, but as a MusicBrainz user I would find most useful annotations in both English + native language. As you have written, native language is most useful for the artist’s native auditory, whereas English is useful for the international auditory.

In a perfect world the database would support separate annotations in different languages, and show an annotation based on a user preference, but this is not implemented.

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