Testing Picard 2.10.1 DEV for "standalone recordings"


after 6 commits verified on GitHub (PICARD-2584: Load recording if AcoustId metadata is missing by phw · Pull Request #2351 · metabrainz/picard · GitHub),
Daily Picard Version 2.10.1.dev2 (65-16a24ea0.20240104004712),
14240 mp3 files as Picard 2.10 output (473 standalone recordings),
only Scan

Four attempts:

  1. MP3 with tags, default settings in Picard, Add
    over 400 standalone

  2. MP3 with tags, change Compilation=0, AlbumSingleEP=100, Add
    over 400 standalone

  3. MP3 without tags, default settings in Picard, Add, Scan
    10 standalone

  4. MP3 without tags, change Compilation=0, AlbumSingleEP=100, Add, Scan
    445 standalone (number taken from Mp3Tag)

In the 1st and 2nd attempt it doesn’t seem to update the tags at all.

four screenshots

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